February 21, 2009

Hot Luxury Girls Erotica

pics from Maxim magazine

A new book packed full of hot, clothes-free women just like these ones...

This is one of the ‘Sugar Posh Beauties’ – a group of models photographed in Tammy Sanborn’s erotic photobook, Hot Luxury Girls. The volume of 348 glossy photos is full of nudes in a variety of bizarre poses involving beds, kitchen worktops and in one case, a rubber ring.

The book’s intro reads, ‘One minute Sanborn’s models are baring all in a brazen bid to get you to not look away, and the next they are simply luxuriating in their nudity, carefree, exotic and ready for anything. They are inviting the viewer to look, and to touch, to enter the page and join them on their erotic journey.’

Or, in other words, they’re naked and look like they want to have sex with you. Either way, it’s a tasteful collection of gorgeous females, with perhaps the one exception of the solitary redhead, whose pubes look like they’ve been lavishly scribbled on with a flourescent orange marker.

Hot Luxury Girls is out now, priced £29.99 (Goliath) Available from all good bookstores,
http://www.amazon.co.uk, or direct from the publisher (www.turnaround-uk.com/ tel: 020 8829 3002) 

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